G2SU visit to Olivia Nabukeera’s home in Makindye, Kilombe Village

On 23/12/2019, G2SU managed to surprise Olivia Nabukeera with Christmas gifts as part of the team’s final outreach for the year 2019. The aim was to share Christmas hampers with a needy family and also preach the word of God.

Olivia Nabukeera is a resident of Makindye division, Kilombe village, a slum in Kampala. She is a single mother of three children; Sam, Angel and Peace. Sam is her elder child and he is set to sit his Primary Leaving Examinations in 2020. Angel was promoted to Primary Five whereas Peace her youngest child is in Top class.

Olivia is a primary drop out which forced her to get married at a young age. However, her marriage did not last as her husband succumbed to HIV/AIDS. This kicked off a litany of accusations against Olivia as her husband’s family accused her of infecting their son with AIDS despite the fact that she didn’t have the virus.

Rejected by her husband’s family, the world turned ‘upside down’ and she had to find ways of supporting her children financially even when she didn’t have a stable source of income. The struggle to make ends meet pushed her to start selling fried cassava and tomatoes a job she does by the roadside in Kilombe

However, the earnings are not enough to cover her huge bills that pile up every other month.

G2SU Team members shared with her and the children the word of God, encouraged them to always pray and to trust in God in every situation.

G2SU Founder Mr. Shangi Jedson thanked God for the good work he is doing in people’s lives. He made reference to his own story of being raised by a single mother and asked the family to have hope. He said that the difficult situations that we face may be there to fine tune; the same way gold must go through fire to be made pure. Like Job, he asked the family members not to give up on their faith in the Lord even amidst the challenges they may find

The Team then handed out the Christmas hamper to the family .It was an assortment of items like rice, sugar, salt, meat, tealeaves, blue band and cooking oil.

Family members were also given clothes which were collected from friends in Netherlands by Wilhelmina Stufken; our Director Europe

Olivia Nabukeera thanked G2SU for the love they had showed her and all the gifts they had shared with her family. She asked the Lord to bless everyone at G2SU and to continue spreading the gospel and love of Jesus Christ.

G2SU members also in a Christmas message thanked all their donors in Uganda and in Europe especially donors in Netherlands and wished them a merry Christmas and a prosperous Happy new year 2020

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