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Uganda has the highest school dropout rate in East Africa, according to a report released by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). This has been blamed on the failure of parents to provide scholastic materials and other school requirements for their children. Go 2 School Initiative Uganda (G2SU), a team of vibrant and energetic people, intends to address some of these challenges, to enable children be able to have a decent future. This will be achieved by improving the lives of Ugandan children through social support in selected regions for given periods of time.


The target population of G2SU are poor people in rural areas who cannot afford scholastic materials, sanitary equipment, have no access to clean and safe water, among other needs.

The funds to finance the activities will be obtained through existing donors, attracting new private and corporate donors and well-wishers.

G2SU is governed by a board of directors, assisted by an executive director and managing director. These work with other staff; programs director, finance and administration director, communications director and volunteers’ director.

Founder, Go 2 School Initiative Uganda
Jedson Shangi

Why We Founded Go 2 School Initiative

Go 2 school initiative Uganda  is a non-government non-profit organization, founded in 2018. Supported by a vibrant, energetic and kind hearted team of 12 people, who have a genuine desire to help and serve humanity.  In so doing, we hope to spread the love of Christ through providing basic necessities the communities we live in around Uganda.

Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world growing at average of 3.3%. This growing population means that there is high demand for education services. Despite the introduction of universal primary and secondary education, the number of school dropouts is still high. This poses a threat towards achieving SDG 4: Quality Education: Ensure Inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong opportunities for all.

A report by Uganda National Examinations Board shows that 43% of the pupils who enrolled in primary one have dropped out of school before reaching primary seven. For every 100 pupils who started school, 43 dropped out before completing primary seven.

For the period 2009-2015, 38% of the pupils who started school dropped out before reaching primary seven. The school dropout rates are significantly higher when one analyses the number of pupils who never sit the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education. Of the 1,837,227 pupils who joined primary one in 2004, only 102,858 sat for UACE in 2016. This represents a 94.4% dropout rate! The dropout rates are much higher for females compared to males, with Uganda having the highest school dropout rates for females in East Africa.

The statistics above present a grim picture of the state of the education sector in Uganda. The high school dropout rates have been attributed to the hidden costs like costs of scholastic materials like exercise books, pens, uniforms, sanitary pads, lack of school meals, insufficient sanitary facilities among others. Given the high poverty levels especially in the rural areas of northern and eastern Uganda, meeting the necessary school requirements is a tall order for many a parent who live on less than a dollar a day. As a result, many of their children end up dropping out of school and end up being trapped in a vicious of poverty.

Go 2 School Uganda intends to address some of the above challenges by providing scholastic materials, sanitary pads, extending safe water to communities and constructing proper sanitary facilities.

Go 2 School Priority Areas

We Have A Genuine Desire To Help And Serve Humanity.

Spread the Word of God

Go 2 School initiative Uganda strives to spread the Word of God to the World.

Women and Girls

Supporting single mothers with their family needs and young girls to stay in school

Education Support

To give a chance to every child in Uganda to benefit from an education and to have a sound start in life

Scholastic materials

Providing scholastic materials to the less privileged in remote areas of Uganda.

Our Objectives

  • To provide psycho-social support to vulnerable children and youth
  • Develop a family-centered environment that can provide information, support, advocacy and networking for families and their communities.
  • Develop partnerships with local education centres and similar organisations to enhance our services
  • Maintain the financial and ethical integrity of the organisation through sound governance, record keeping and management practices
  • To increase access to basic social necessities for children and youths in schools and communities
  • To strengthen Religious values and ethics among children and youths.