Sponsoring Children

Proverbs 22:6

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It costs about 30 Euros a month to facilitate and provide for a child for a child everything they need. Currently we have 10 Children under our care, between the ages of 3 and 15 years.

Angel Gabriel Kakama
Date of Birth: 3rd–Feb–2015

Gabriel, from Western Uganda, faced hardship as his mother was ostracized during pregnancy and abandoned by the father. Struggling to make ends meet, she took on various jobs, from hawking food in Kampala to working as a housemaid in the UAE. They found refuge at Jesus Christ Worship Center in Nateete, Central Uganda, identified by Go 2 School Initiative Uganda. Thanks to financial support, Gabriel now enjoys the opportunity of education and expresses gratitude along with his mother. Your support ensures a promising start for children like Gabriel.

Mukwanya Geoffrey

Date Of Birth : 23rd–March–2007

Mukwanya, from Central Uganda, faces challenges after his parents’ separation, leaving his mother to care for five children. Struggling with limited income from washing clothes and odd jobs, she finds it difficult to make ends meet. Go 2 School Initiative provides Mukwanya with free education, supporting his passion for acting and acrobatics. Despite hardships, he enjoys his favorite meal, rice, and excels in Mathematics. Your financial support empowers Go 2 School Initiative to care for children like Mukwanya, offering hope and sharing the love of Christ in Uganda.

Nalega Shamilah
Date of Birth: 25th -Feb-2015

Shamilah, raised by her single mother since her father’s 2016 typhoid-related death, is one of six siblings. Her mother sells local tea at the Busega taxi stage to make ends meet. Go 2 School Initiative supports Shamilah’s education at no cost. She aspires to become a doctor, enjoys Literacy class, and engages in netball during her free time. Shamilah’s favorite dish is a combination of rice, matooke, meat, and chicken. Your financial support enables Go 2 School Initiative Uganda to help children like Shamilah achieve their dreams, and we appreciate your generosity.


Mugenyi Rayton
Date of Birth: 10th-Aug-2014

Rayton’s story is one of resilience and determination, shaped by the unwavering support of his single mother. Despite facing adversity, his passion for learning shines bright, especially in subjects like English and mathematics, fueling his dream of becoming a lawyer.

Your support for initiatives like Go 2 School ensures that promising young talents like Rayton have the chance to thrive. By providing access to education, you’re not just investing in Rayton’s future but also breaking the cycle of poverty he was born into.

It’s touching to see Rayton finding happiness in simple pleasures, like his favorite meal of rice and chicken. These small joys matter greatly to a child who has faced hardship.

Your financial contribution is pivotal in enabling Go 2 School to continue their vital work, offering education and support to children like Rayton. Thank you for your generosity and for helping these children reach their full potential.

Peace Namwanje
Date Of Birth: 14th-Sept-2014

Peace is the younger sister to Nayigaga Angel from Iganga, Eastern Uganda. Her mother does her best to provide for them with her little income she earned from selling vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and a few fruits.
However, this wasn’t enough to send her to school or meet some of Peace’s basic needs. With the help of Go 2 School Initiative Uganda, Peace is now fully enrolled in school and is acquiring quality education.

Okiru Swamad
Date Of Birth:27th-Nov-2016

Swamad’s family faces financial struggles, with his father as a motorcyclist and  mother selling charcoal and fish. Now receiving education, he enjoys English and aspires to be a lawyer, appreciating your impactful financial support. Your support is crucial for both Swamad to realize their dreams. Thank you for your ongoing generosity.

Kiberu Disan
Date Of Birth:04th–July-2016

Disan’s story is one of resilience in the face of adversity. Despite being abandoned and having a father who struggles with alcoholism, he still has the opportunity to thrive thanks to the Go 2 School Initiative and the generosity of supporters like you. By providing free education, this initiative is not only offering Disan a chance at a brighter future but also helping him overcome the challenges he faces due to his circumstances.

It’s heartening to hear that Disan finds joy in playing football and delights in simple pleasures like eating rice and chicken. These little things can mean so much to a child who has known hardship. Through your financial support, you’re not only ensuring Disan’s education but also contributing to his overall well-being and happiness.

Every donation, no matter how small, makes a significant difference in the lives of children like Disan. Your continued support allows organizations like the Go 2 School Initiative to reach more vulnerable children, offering them hope, stability, and a pathway to a better future. Thank you for being part of this journey and for making a positive impact in Disan’s life and the lives of many others.

Karungi Joseph
Date Of Birth:08–Dec-2018

Joseph is currently staying in Lubaga, Central Uganda with a care taker. His mother, a sex worker abandoned him in 2017. The details about his origin are unknown. His care taker hawks chapatti and cassava around Kampala town. He was under the care of Jesus Christ Worship Center when Go 2 School Initiative learned about his situation.

Go 2 School Initiative has provided Joseph an opportunity to education. His favorite dish is rice and spaghetti. During the school break, he enjoys running. Thank you for making this possible through your generosity.

Mukalzi Farook

Date Of Birth: 12th /Nov/ 2012

Farook, the eldest of six siblings, has been raised by his single mother since their father passed away from typhoid in 2016. To support the family, his mother sells local tea at the Busega taxi stage. Thanks to the Go 2 School Initiative, Farook receives free education and dreams of becoming a doctor. He enjoys literacy class and plays football in his free time. Farook’s favorite dish is a mix of rice, matooke, meat, and chicken. Your financial support empowers the Go 2 School Initiative Uganda to assist children like Farook in achieving their dreams. Thank you for your generosity!