About Our Team

Jedson Shangi



Jedson has 10 years’ solid experience in social work and after having worked with several non-profitable organisations in Uganda, he founded Go 2 School Initiative Uganda and was helped with a few friends to ensure that the organisation grows.
He is responsible for soliciting funds from different entities.

Wilhelmina Shangi


She is a highly skilled and motivated social worker from the Netherlands. She is in charge of different sections like finance but mostly passionate about fundraising for the kids and collecting kids materials from different generous people.

Renate Klijnstra


Renate is an anthropologist, social worker and educational professional. She had the opportunity to study at six universities in four countries. The studies were accompanied by NGO projects in Thailand, Bolivia and Guatemala

Ruurd Huizinga



Ruurd is a retired business man from his company. He learned from experience how to achieve a goal by following a vision, and how to organise to achieve it.

His vision is that education is the road to development, and development is the  road out of poverty. That is why he supports Go 2 School Initiative Uganda.

He is connected to the organisation in the Netherlands, and works to acquire funds for the implementation of projects in Uganda.

Winnie Nabifo
Human Resource Manager

Winnie is an accurate and performance driven finance professional with extensive experience in financial functions within the organization. Her greatest strengths are her ability to prepare all financial reports and to ensure the highest levels of financial integrity in any management reporting.

Zawedde Priscilla


Priscilla, a passionate social worker and dedicated administrator at Go 2 School Uganda, actively engages with communities to address educational barriers for underprivileged children. Her efficient program management and advocacy for children’s rights align with the organization’s mission, making her a crucial contributor to positive change through education.

Our Team Members

Go 2 School Initiative Uganda boasts of a team of highly professional and dedicated personnel that have helped make our dreams and objectives a reality. We know that with these members on board, we surely don’t have any limits to achieve our ambitions of making sure that every boy and girl in Uganda can afford good education and every community can have safe clean water and basic necessities.

More People, More Impact

The tight neat group of people that we work with at Go 2 School does not stand alone more so when it comes to outreaches in the communities we live amongst. That is why we have a volunteer system that has been a good mechanism for bringing in the extra set of hands when needed. 

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