Our History


Our Story

On March 6th  2020 Go 2 School Initiative Uganda (G2SU) got marked as an Dutch public benefit organization (ANBI) This means that people who donate in Holland can fill in their donation with their tax returns. As a result G2SU also got assigned tax number (RSIN): 826175351

On August 3rd 2020 the directors of G2SU opened another branch in the Netherlands ‘Stichting Go 2 School Initiative Uganda Nederland (G2SU NL)’
At the moment we are in the process of applying for an ANBI for the Dutch NGO as well. G2SU NL already received it’s tax number (RSIN): 861512613
Go 2 School Initiative Uganda Netherlands is also registered in the Dutch chamber of commerce. Which means it is an accepted Dutch organization. It is listed under KVK number: 78735440

KVK number: 78735440

Both G2SU and G2SU NL are reachable via
Other ways to reach us are through Facebook ‘Go 2 School Initiative Uganda’. Or through Whatsapp: +256 777 642756
We are providing a Dutch phone number to be used to contact us by the people in the Netherlands. +31 623 958234

Main goal, mission and vision of G2SU is published on this website on the about us tab.  Purpose of G2SU NL is raising funds and organize activities in order to support G2SU.

To be able to do that G2SU NL will attract donors by improving our communication efforts and create partnerships with different organizations. This means writing to companies and churches but also organizing information evenings to publicize. The money that will be raised is carefully managed by the treasurer and documented in a monthly overview. Monthly expenses like office space and necessary cost will be taken care off. There’s an set plan in order to finance the kids bound to G2SU. Other expenses like outreaches will be discussed in the monthly meetings were all directors have an equal vote.

The board of directors has the following functions:

Chairman: Jedson Shangi
Treasurer: Mrs. Ssemambo Winnie
Secretary: Peter Ddumba

Chairman: Jedson Shangi
Treasurer: Ruurd Huizinga
Secretary: Renate Klijnstra




When working for either NGO, there is no set salary for directors however, directors are compensated for the costs incurred and will recieve a small financial reward after every meeting. Volunteers are given a small reward for there contribution. Note that as an NGO there will not be any profits to be made.