Maranatha Integrated Schools project started in 1998 under the leadership of Patrick and Eva Walusimbi. Six years later, an annex school in Nkonya was established to mitigate the challenge of children traveling long distances to school. This project has schools with a total of 1200 pupils. The project currently has 5 schools within Mityana District. Fyrine Tendo, the patron devoted 60% of her salary to look after some of the children who go to these schools. Twenty Six (26) are fully under her custody and fourteen (14) are being sponsored by her friends.

On 27th September 2018, the G2SU team reached out to the children at Maranatha.  The founder, Go 2 School Initiative Uganda, Mr. Jedson Shangi shared a sermon with the children about the story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho (Joshua 6:1-27). He emphasized patience, obedience, respect of elders, leaders and tenacity in God which are intrinsic worth in any triumph of life. He further elucidated in reputes to the word of God that nothing can fail the promises of God (luke1:37)

Maranatha children’s choir put up a stunning performance for the G2SU team. The choir of endowed children worshipped the Lord in dance and songs after the sermon.

The G2SU team later moved to the annex of the visited school in Nkonya at the shore of Lake Wamala. This wing was made to cater for the children whose parents have refused to provide education for them, the orphans and vulnerable children. The children there are provided with meals and access to education. This section was started in 2004 and currently has a total of 92 beneficiaries. Nine of the beneficiaries are fully under the care of sister Tendo and 31 are attending school at Maranatha.

The Maranatha integrated project faces a number of challenges that are; Slackness in educating children, Inadequate scholastic materials, long distances between schools and homes, Uncooperative parents, Poor sanitation as the children come from homes where sanitation is not crucial which has rendered them prone to diseases.

G2SU reached out with scholastic materials, shoes and clothes to 20 beneficiaries. The founder, G2SU reminded the children of God’s love as he urged them to be obedient. The head teacher, Mrs. Walusimbi expressed her gratitude as she spoke to the G2SU team and encouraged them to continue supporting the project.

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