On 4th February 2022, Go 2 School Initiative Uganda carried out an Outreach at Masters’ Kids Nursery and Primary School Nateete, to donate Scholastic materials as well as share moral and spiritual support with the School Children. The activity started at 11.00am and ended at 1.00pm taking only 2 hours.

The Masters’ Kids Nursery and primary is a school affiliated with Jesus Christ Worship Center Church and it helps provide an education to community children who cannot afford one. They help them learn how to read and write irrespective of their age. The school goes from Nursery to Primary three (3) and has hopes of expanding in the nearby future.

We were welcomed by Mrs. Juliet Kato, one of the Pastors at Jesus Christ Worship Center Church who resigned from her cooperate job in order to serve her community and create a positive impact.

The Director G2SU, Jedson Shangi, thanked Pastor Juliet for the amazing job she is doing. He said that he has heard stories and also seen pictures of these women and their children and the state they are in is saddening. He continued to say that G2SU’s first response to the School is donating 100(one hundred) dozens of books and pencils in order to help them out in the classroom and better their education.

We managed to distribute 100 dozens of books and pencils to100 pupils each, shared the word of God and a meal with them.

Mr. Shangi and Mrs. Sarah Carter donated 200.000ugx (£50) to Ms. Sharon Nantongo one of the parents through Pastor Julie to help her clear her rent arrears.

Mr. Shangi pledged that G2SU will continue working with The Master’s Kids Nursery and Primary School and will be reaching out every term.

The Director and staff of The Master’s kid’s Nursery and Primary School expressed their gratitude towards G2SU and blessed the organisation.

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