Kiberu Disan


D.O.B: Unknown

Disan is about eight years old and stays with a care taker since 2016 when his father abandoned him. His birth details and origin are unknown. He has had rectal prolapse and severe headaches for the last four years.

His care taker is a single mother with seven children. She single handedly struggles to provide for her family due to limited resources from sorting maize at a maize mill. Jesus Christ Worship Center, a church that serves community in Central Uganda was taking care of Disan’s medication, education and other basic needs but is also challenged by the many children under its care.

Disan is now receiving free education with Go 2 School Initiative’s assistance. He likes to eat rice and enjoys playing football in his free time. Go 2 School is committed to raising vulnerable children who are spiritually disciplined and your support is appreciated.