Elvis Kaweesi


Wakiso District in Central Uganda | BIRTHDAY: 5th/01/2008

Elvis is from Wakiso district in Central Uganda. His parents passed away and his uncle single handedly takes care of him. Because his little income from constructing houses in the community could not provide for all his family’s needs, Elvis couldn’t attend school as there was no money for that.

Go 2 School Initiative Uganda identified Elvis as vulnerable and enrolled him to receive free education.
Elvis is excited at this opportunity to receive quality education. His favourite subject is Social Studies. His best dish is rice & meat and he enjoys playing football. In the future, he hopes to be a professional footballer.

Thank you for your financial support which enables Go 2 School to groom future leaders like Elvis providing them with a stable foundation. We still hope to be partners with you as we continue to nurture and grow these lovely souls in Jesus’ ways and helping shape their future.