Paibona Community

Visit and Borehole Handover

On 18th January 2022, G2SU team led by the Director travelled to Labika village Paibona Parish; to check on the progress of the project. They were welcomed by the Local Council committee led by Councilor III Mrs. Monica Aol. The community members present were around 18 (eighteen) and they expressed their joy through dance and songs.

At the time of the visit, the borehole was at 19(nineteen) feet and water levels had not been reached yet. Digging was to continue past water levels to ensure continuous flow of water even in the dry season.

During open discussions, community members expressed a need for a Bridge at River Awach. Deaths around Paibona had become frequent due to a raise in the water levels at Awach River. Every year about 10(ten) people lose their lives while crossing the river especially during the rainy season where 6(six) of them are expecting mothers. Residents in Paibona were deeply troubled by the increase in maternal mortality rates.

Community members also urged Go 2 School Initiative Uganda to put a structure so that children can acquire an education. Children join school at the age of 7 because that’s when they are old enough to walk 10km to a nearby school.  The community felt the urgency of the school in the village.

Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education are basic necessities for a healthy environment and a productive life and well life being

On 13th February 2022, Go 2 School Initiative Uganda led by the Project Coordinator, Ms. Kwikiriza Patricia, handed over the Borehole to the community in the presence of the local leaders; The Village Chief, Chairman LC1, Chairman LC3, LC Councilors, The Gulu Woman Member of Parliament, Religious Leaders and the Paibona Paramount Chief Representative.

During the handover ceremony, the woman member of parliament, Sharon Laker Balmoi pledged to spear head the protection and preservation of the borehole.  She also requested G2SU to carry out counseling programs in the area to address different social and mental issues caused by war.

Patricia thanked the donors especially those in the Netherlands; Gebroeders Van den Bosch Stichting, Stichting FamilieFonds Wierda Baas and Hofstee Stichting who have given sacrificially to ensure the Borehole Project is a success.  She also thanked the Government leaders for working with G2SU and the community for welcoming the Project thus contributing greatly to its success. More so, she thanked the team at Elite Boring services for working tirelessly to give a good standard borehole.

The Borehole Handover Story

How did it conclude?

The community was grateful for the borehole and pledged to come up with a village water committee responsible for operation and maintenance in order to ensure long sustainability for the borehole provided.