About Us

Go 2 school initiative Uganda (G2SU) is a non-governmental non-profit organization supported by a vibrant, energetic and kind hearted team of 12 persons, who though are not well off have a genuine desire to help and serve humanity and in so doing spread the love of Christ and providing scholastic materials in remote areas of Uganda. It was founded in 2018 Our main focus is with the school going children in villages.

Executive Summary

Uganda has the highest school dropout rate  in East Africa according to a report released by the United Nations Education, Scientific and cultural Organization (UNESCO). (https://www.newvision.co.ug/new_vision/news/1292524/uganda-school-drop-rate) This has been blamed on the failure of parents to provide scholastic materials and other school requirements to their children. Go 2 School Initiative Uganda (G2SU), a team of vibrant and energetic persons intends to address some of these challenges in order to enable the children be able to have a decent future. This will be achieved by improving the lives of Ugandan children through social support in a selected region for a given period of time.

The target population for G2SU are poor people in rural areas who cannot afford scholastic materials, reusable sanitary pads, don’t have access to clean and safe water.

The funds to finance the activities will be obtained through existing donors, attracting new private and corporate donors.

G2SU is governed by the board of directors, assisted by the executive director and managing director. These work with other staff; programs director, finance and administration director, communications director and volunteer’s director.

Our Vision

To give a chance to every boy and girl in Uganda to benefit from an education and to have a sound start in life.

Our Mission

Improving the lives of Ugandan children through empowering social support and spiritual growth.

Our Objectives

  • To provide psycho-social support to vulnerable children and youth
  • Develop a family-centered environment that can provide information, support, advocacy and networking for families and their communities.
  • Develop partnerships with local education centers and similar organizations to enhance our services
  • Maintain the financial and ethical integrity of the organization through sound governance, record keeping and management practices
  • To increase access to basic social necessities for children and youths in schools and communities
  • To strengthen Religious values and ethics among children and youths.

Target Groups

We target poor people in rural areas outside central Uganda;

  • Children who cannot afford to buy scholastic materials.
  • Communities without access to clean and safe water.
  • Vulnerable persons like elderly people, single mothers.

Our Team

Meet our non-profit management team of dedicated and passionate professionals

Help this initiative with financial support to see education reach the outskirts of Uganda.