Gulu outreach at Lajwatek Paibona Alero and Amuru




Restore Hope Nursery and Primary School-Lajwatek, Alero, Amuru, & Community Service at St.luke Health Centre II






Our 9 member G2SU team set off from Kampala at 11am and arrived in Gulu at 6:50 pm. The team was welcomed by Pastor Aloysius Kyazze, the head of New Foundation Community Church an offshoot from Sports Outreach Ministries.

About Sports Outreach Ministries

Sports Outreach Ministries was founded after the Sports Outreach Institute, a US based organization. Their head-office is located at Kiwawu along the Kampala- Mityana road. The aim was to use sports ministry as a form of evangelism. The initiative started through the Anglican church where football crusades were organized in the 90s. This eventually led to the birth of Miracle FC which Pr. Aloysius Kyazze played for. He was later to be drafted into the Sports Outreach Ministry team  as a trauma care specialist to enable the team manage Post-traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) as a result of the Lord’s Resistance Army war against the government in northern Uganda.

In 2004, upon realizing that there was much need for trauma care services in northern Uganda, Aloysius and his wife Esther agreed to permanently settle in Gulu. This culminated in the birth of the Sports Outreach Ministries Centre in Gulu. With the help of the Sharlot Eagles players, he was able to raise funds to buy land on which the community centre is currently based. He went on to develop sustainable initiatives owing to the dire needs of the population in Gulu that was recovering from an insurgency that had ravaged communities. He introduced farming initiatives like piggery, coffee farming and banana growing.

Pr. Aloysius Kyazze then started the started New Foundation Community Ministry (NFCM) in 2015 whose evangelism is carried out through teaching people sustainable agriculture programs. NFCM has also been able to develop an early childhood education programme because many of the would-be affordable government schools do not have pre-school (nursery) sections and children are forced to stay at home until they are old enough to go to primary one by which time many have lost the enthusiasm to attend school. The schools also serve as a psychosocial programme for the kids. NFCM has since planted 12 churches in northern Uganda with each having a day care centre. Notably among the areas are Lajwatek, Paibona, Alero, Pagui, Amuru among others.

Rationale of the Outreach

  • To distribute scholastic materials (books, pens and pencils) to 100 beneficiaries
  • To distribute reusable sanitary pads to 50 ladies
  • To preach the word of God




G2SU team was able to visit four of the churches with early childhood education centers at Lajwatek, Paibona, Alero and in Amuru where NFCM runs a chain of schools under the Restore Hope Nursery and Primary School brand.

Restore Hope Nursery and Primary School-Lajwatek

The team started the outreach at Restore Hope Nursery and Primary School in Lajwatek village in Omoro district. In Lajwatek village, NFCM set up a pre-school with about 60 pupils.  The school graduates about 20-30 children every year that are able to join primary one.

Challenges Faced by the School

  • Few classrooms
  • Lack of furniture


  • 110 pupils were each given four books and four pencils
  • 25 women also received 5 reusable sanitary pads each

Restore Hope Nursery and Primary School- Paibona

The school is located in Awach sub-county, Gulu district and was started in 2019. It has a student population of 38 pupils.

Challenges Faced by the School

  • Most of the children in the school live with their aging grandparents after being abandoned by their parents. Many of whom are unable to support these children with school fees (Ugx. 45,000 per term) and also provide much needed scholastic materials like books, pens, pencils.
  • Failure by parents and guardians to pay the termly school fees of Ugx 45,000 per child
  • Lack of school uniforms
  • Inability to feed the pupils
  • Limited number of classrooms. The school only has a single temporary shelter for the pupils. It also serves as a church, but becomes difficult to use during periods of strong winds and rainfall.


  • G2SU donated 4 books and 4 pencils to 38 children.
  • 65 reusable sanitary pads were distributed to 13 women with each one receiving 5 pads.



A child after getting books and pencils            


Mothers receiving reusable sanitary pads

A child waits to receive materials from G2SU


  • G2SU promised to deliver 20 bags of cement to the school management on 29 February 2020 as a contribution towards construction of a permanent structure.
  • G2SU also promised to send 10 reusable sanitary pads annually to each of the 13 beneficiaries for the next 5 years.

Restore Hope Nursery and Primary School- Alero

The school has a population of 90 children as of the first week February 2020 which is expected to exceed 100 by the end of February 2020. The school is run with the help of three teachers.

Challenges Faced by the School

  • High pupil population. The school is receiving high numbers of children in the daycare programme mainly because the nearest school is 3.5km away which makes it hard for the children to walk there.
  • Few classrooms. The school only has one temporary structure and other pupils are forced to study under the tree. The teacher with the help of the parents have laid bricks and also bought some timber which they hope to use to construct another makeshift structure.
  • Lack of pit latrine. The pit latrine that had been built collapsed days after its construction
  • Lack of store for school learning materials. They find it difficult to buy learning materials as they have nowhere to keep it.
  • Failure to pay teachers’ salaries. The teachers have since gone 6 months without pay and it is likely that they will remain unpaid for an extra month.
  • Lack of children playing materials like swings which are vital for children learning.
  • Lack of safe drinking water
  • Lack of furniture like desks. Pupils are forced to sit on the papyrus reeds which are discomfiting.


  • G2SU donated 4 books and 4 pencils to 83 children and 100 pens to the teachers.
  • 61 pads were also distributed to 12 mothers.


G2SU pledged to construct the floor of the current temporary structure. Later the team agreed to adopt the Alero school project and ensure that it is transformed into a good school. The school authorities were asked to submit a proposed budget to in order for  the construction project to start.

The School which we are going to construct       A child getting drinking water from a jerrycan


Restore Hope Nursery and Primary School- Amuru

The school is located in Amuru district and currently has a population of 45 pupils but numbers are expected to increase this academic year. It is also managed by two teachers. It is the only school in as many villages with the nearest schools being over 8km away.

Challenges Faced by the School

  • Lack of furniture. The children sit on improvised papyrus reeds.
  • Few classrooms. Unlike other schools which we had visited previously, the school in Amuru is relatively better off but there is still need for more classrooms.
  • Lack of scholastic materials


102 children were each given 4 books and pencils

Community Service at St.luke Health Centre II

St. Luke Health Centre II was founded by the Church of Uganda diocese of northern Uganda in 2008. It is located in Koro sub-county, Omoro district. It is headed by Dr. Egewu Gerald and he is assisted by 4 other persons. The hospital currently runs a cost sharing programme that has helped reduce the cost of medical treatment for the residents in the surrounding communities. It is assisted by government by Joint Medical Stores which provides supplies of medicines (ARVs and anti- malaria drugs).

G2SU team with the help of members from the NFCM was able to conduct a cleaning exercise at the health center. The team slashed the compound, did simple digging and later swept it.

Services offered

  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Laboratory services
  • Family planning
  • Counseling
  • Antenatal care
  • Immunisation
  • Delivery
  • Outreach
  • Anti-retroviral Treatment (ART)


  • Increasing number of patients. The health centre receives an average of 800 patients a month which is a very big number given their size. This is attributed to the cost-sharing programme which is very popular with the locals


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