Mityana Outreach At Maranatha integrated school 



Sections of the report

  • Arrival at Maranatha
  • Maranatha integrated schools project annex (principal for the outreach)
  • Challenges that Maranatha integrated project faces and expectations from G2SU
  • G2SU impact on the outreach


Mityana outreach At Maranatha integrated school


Arrival at Maranatha

Mityana outreach was underway with a spectacular sermon from the founder Go 2 school Initiative Uganda to the children of Maranatha a sermon on the story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho (Joshua 6:1-27). He emphasized patience, obedience, respect of elders, leaders and tenacity in God which are intrinsic worth in any triumph of life. He further elucidated in reputes to the word of God that nothing can fail the promises of God (luke1:37)

Photo 1 the founder of G2SU preaching to the learners

Maranatha children’s choir put up a stunning performance for the G2SU team, a choir of endowed children who worshipped the Lord in dancing and singing went on to showcase upon the climax of the sermon. Sister Tendo affirmed that the children have used music as an enthusiasm to serve God, the initial sorrow ceased because of their optimism and seeking God first.

Photo2 Maranatha children’s choir performing

The G2SU affiliates ensued for a meeting where the founder of the initiative appreciated members for their presence and detriment to make the Mityana outreach an authenticity. He further commended the team for their spirit of charity because it’s a way of serving the Lord. In addition to that, he accentuated the objectives of the initiative and admonished the team to adhere to them. The directors of the initiative added that they need a team that not only works together but also works as a family. The half day was crowned by lunch before the team proceeded to “nkonye” village at the shore of Lake Wamala

Photo3 G2SU team having lunch


Maranatha integrated schools project annex (principal for the outreach)

This was the beleaguered group of the outreach an annex of the visited school earlier. This wing was made to cater for the children whose parents are adamant to providing education, orphans, and vulnerable children. The children are provided with a meal and formal education. This section was started in 2004 and currently has a total of 92 beneficiaries 9 being fully under the custody of sister Tendo and 31 attending school at the main school

Photo5- G2SU team with learners of Maranatha integrated school

The inhabitants of this community are highly substance farmers and fishermen that have thrived on these economic activities, this has burred their visualization in regards to the merits of formal education. They prefer their children work on farms with them and accompany them to the lake and indulge in fishing activities. Such activities have exposed the little ones to money which has held them captive in such activities while negating education that is perceived as a burrier to their pecuniary advance

Photo 6 G2SU team in a sugarcane garden in Nkonya


Challenges that Maranatha integrated project faces and expectations from G2SU

Slackness in educating children, parents prefer that their children hawk agricultural produce and dig in farms to attending formal education. Having not attended education as children, the parents don’t see need for their children to attend school as well. Inadequate scholastic materials and long distances from homes, the children have to traverse protracted distances from their homes to school. Uncooperative parents, parents to the children are not responsive in line with school requirements as education is not a priority for them

Poor sanitation, the children come from homes where sanitation is not crucial. This has rendered them prone to diseases. Expectations in line with the challenges from G2SU are; helps to sensitize parents on the rationale of education to their children, sanitation programs be instigated to minimize on the risk of children getting diseased and scholastic materials

G2SU impact on the outreach

The team delivered scholastic materials, shoes and clothing to 20 beneficiaries (17 present and 3 absent). The founder reminded of how much God loved them and urged them to be obedient. The head teacher expressed her gratitude on speaking to the G2SUand encouraged the team to return to the project soon

Photo Michael and peter assembling scholastic materials for the beneficiaries

Photo8 G2SU team with the present 17 beneficieries


The team visited the home of Mrs. Walusimbi the founder of Maranatha integrated school project who gave a brief contextual of the project as stipulated in the background of the report

Photo 6 G2SU team with Mrs. Walusimbi



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