Mbale Outreach in Namwenula Primary School


  • To avail scholastic materials to a minimum of 70 apprentices
  • To empower the greenhorns and encourage them academically, spiritually and in their day today life
  • To understand the situation the pupils undergo
  • To establish the challenges that these learners face and recommendations


Namwenula Primary School


Following the objective of G2SU, an outreach to Namwenula primary school in Mbale was inevitable.

Namwenula primary school is a school with  over 318 novices in the community it is sited and headed by Mr. Wamukota, it is a government aided school that has existed for 34 years in community where education for the inhabitants in the area is not virtual due to the incidentals it commands. For a poverty stricken community in the proximity of the school, education is bound to be perceived as a luxury rather than an inevitability and vital pillar for sustainable development.

Scholastic materials to a minimum of 70 apprentices

Saturday morning was underway with a bright and beautiful morning sun’s rays devising from the azure sky over green topography and birds singing, the G2SU team embarked on a 6km journey from their lodging to Namwenula primary school. The team was cordially welcomed by the pupils and members of staff of Namwenula primary school.

Subsequent to an initial target of reaching out to a minimum of 70 beneficiaries, this target was surpassed when the team reached out to over 139 pupils of this particular school. The team not only provided scholastic materials to the children but also guidance, encouragement and sharing a meal with the children

139 children received dozens of books, pens and pencils each assist in their studying programs . All classes were reached out to and given these materials. In addition to that, G2SU shared a meal with the children to crown the beautiful moment.

The learners were further handed a drink and cakes shortly after receiving scholastic materials

Empowering of the learners

Every G2SU team member was assigned to group children in a particular class. This session was meant to ascertain that every child present was reached out to and listened to.

In this session adherents of G2SU spoke to the children in regards to Christian values, their academics and life at home

In the photo3 above, Henry was preaching to the male primary seven candidates

The team further engaged them in singing and taught them about prayer. These sessions were interactive which gave ground to hear more from the children as expounded below

In the photo4 above, the Founder of G2SU was empowering and preaching to primary two pupils in a session deemed an empowerment session. He emphasized them love God because everything comes from the creator

Findings from the empowerment sessions

Bashfulness and Low self-esteem, the children are wary of expression as they could barely express themselves before the team members in the empowerment sessions. According to one of the team members, it was due to the limited exposure to guests (Winnie.N, 2019)

Lack of ample kindergartens, as expounded by the founder, intact community has only one kindergarten. This has left the children with no choice but start school at a primary level. The children lack the basic foundation of education which would’ve enabled them to twig easier as they advance in their education (Jedson.S, 2019)

Dearth, the community is poverty stricken and highly dependent on subsistence agriculture which is has made it difficult for parents to afford dues as low as ugx4,000shs (Robert.M, 2019)

One of the team members identified a Smart child called Justine Wanyenye who was so responsive to the questions she paused to the group. (Bridget. W, 2019)

Henry commended Philemon a primary seven pupil for his biblical understanding and desire to learn. This was due to his photographic memory of the (Henry. W, 2019)

Advocate Matovu highlighted the Eagerness of the pupils to learn but have however been failed by the available services. He further suggested that the organization establishes a system to cater for a few learners fully to root an impact in their lives (Matovu, 2019)

Most of the learners could hardly express themselves in English which made communication almost impossible. (Dorcus, Robert, Deborah et al, 2019)

Absence of a canteen, this means that the children will go hungry for long hours until they return home to find food, this makes concentration in class difficult (Robert.M)

Other observations included lack of Shoes, Shortage of teaching staff and lack of text books among others

Challenges that these learners face and recommendations

Insufficient scholastic materials, the initiative provided scholastic materials to 139 pupils and plans to revisit the school to further support the children

Lack of shoes, schools has been viewed as a luxury in this community and almost 90% of the learners attend school without shoes. One of the team members suggested that parents need to be sensitized on the values of wearing shoes to minimize don this challenge

Failure to pay school fees culminating to dropping out of school, a number of learners have dropped out of school because they can’t afford the fees. Ms. Tendo one of the team members pledged to help Justine with school fees starting next year

Lack of Piped water, staff latrines, text books and clothing, it was suggested that the organization provides assistance basing on the most pressing issue

Meals, the students are not provided with meals at school because the school does not have a kitchen; funds were delivered by Ms. Masawi to the administration to provide a beverage for the learners


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