Action Plan

Below are the services we provide to the communities we serve.

Support needy children to stay in school

Provision of scholastic materials (books, pens, pencils) to needy children.
Outcome: Increased school enrollments for needy children.

Provision of textbooks to selected schools

Liaising with partners to acquire text books.Outcome: Reduction in school dropout rates.

Provision of reusable sanitary pads to girls

Ensuring availability of reusable sanitary pads to selected pupils.
Outcome: Reduction in pupil absenteeism.

Carryout free guidance and counselling services in schools

Organisation of peer guidance and counselling services in schools.
Outcome: Reduction in number of delinquent crimes amongst the youths and adolescent children.

Engage children and youth in games and sports

Providing sports equipment like balls, jerseys to schools.Outcome: Increased participation of youths in sports.

Provision of safe drinking water to communities

Construction of community boreholes
Outcome: Reduction in number of children falling sick as a result of using unsafe water.

Raise awareness about mental health problems

Engage in activities that raise awareness about mental health in schools.
Outcome: Reduction in stigma towards mental patients.

Support household income generation activities

Equipping children and youths in vocational skills like craft making. Financial literacy training for both parents and youths
Outcome: Increase in earning capacity of families.

Preaching the word of God

Monthly visits to families to preach to them about the word of God.
Outcome: Increased number of children and youth living having an understanding of the word of God.

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